StyleLikeU! Fave Videos for Fashion

I love StyleLikeU, a Youtube channel that “empowers people to accept and express their true selves”, or, from my perspective, showcases people with really bad ass, unique fashion sensibilities and allows them to tell their story about how they came to look the way they do.

Most of their videos are of artists, models, mover and shakers, etc., sitting on a stool in front of a brick wall and slowly taking off their clothes while talking about their life. They are usually pretty emotional and definitely interesting. My two favorites so far are from a girl who was dumped by her modeling agency for being too curvy (and as you’ll see she is naturally twig like), and another women with a really intense story who says “maybe I’m not fuckable”.. Love it!!!

But the real treasure is their Closets series, where they go to the muses actual homes and interview them there. I am really interested in not just the clothes and fashion that we put on our bodies, but in the whole pictures, the entire way we use fashion and style to influence our entire being, including the home, interior design, gardens, what sort of neighborhood we choose to live in, everything! Here are two lovely ladies from this series whose very different style is just an extension of their beautiful inner worlds: