Music for Chilling

I have a habit of listening to really intense music but here is a song I really like that helps me to chill out and relax and not be so aggro!! Helado Negro (Black Ice in Espanol) is a wonderful musician of Eduadorian (? is that a word?) origins from South Florida..

So listening to chill music with Spanish lyrics of course makes me think of Juana Molina, the Argentine loop master.. She’s so awesome and this song is a classic. Plus, as I mentioned, she’s killer with the looper, which I also use and love and want to get better at.

Band of Horses make music that is so emotional jeeezzzzussssss!!! I’ve been really into playing there songs on guitar lately.. This song makes me chill out in a nostalgic way.. The Letterman version is also very good but I love KEXP 4 eva and think they did a really good job here..

And let’s end with a really chill song from Concha Buika, the Spanish (from Espana) singer.. I LOVEEEE this song, Vivir sin Miedo, which means “to live without fear”.. And I think you will too…