February Favorites

What a trying time to be alive in America. Here is some stuff I like that might help to distract or empower you.. 🙂

The Jungalow!! How I love The Jungalow. One day I will live in a bungalow in a jungle covered Topanga-ish canyon!! And when I get there I will look to this site for some inspiration on creating my cozy nest.


It’s kind of scary out there.. I find this Hak-Kin-Dak fear mantra from the amazing book “House of Leaves” to be helpful in making me stronger.. through stoking homicidal tendencies? perhaps.. JK!! I love it tho..

I am not a fool. I am wise. I will run from my fear, I will out distance my fear, then I will hide from my fear, and I will wait for my fear, I will let my fear run past me, then I will follow my fear, I will track my fear until I can approach my fear in complete silence, then I will strike at my fear, I will charge my fear, I will grab hold of my fear, I will sink my fingers into my fear, then I will bite my fear, I will tear the throat of my fear, I will break the neck of my fear, I will drink the blood of my fear, I will gulp the flesh of my fear, I will crush the bones of my fear, and I will savor my fear, I will swallow my fear, all of it, and then I will digest my fear until I can do nothing else but shit out my fear.

In this way I will be made stronger.



Since I’m a dancer, I watch a lot of dance videos. AyaBambi is my favorite vougue group. They are amazzzzinnggggggg and have incredible style. I love their low key dance videos shot on shaky cameras in a dance studio, but they also have done lots of fancy stuff too..