arm holdWhat We Do

Pole Star Parties is a high end talent company featuring Los Angeles’ best aerial dancers. We are artists and athletes that specialize in the niche craft of pole dancing and provide sophisticated entertainment that mixes dance with jaw-dropping pole tricks.

Our services include pole dancing for parties, corporate events and music festivals. We can provide the poles and love dancing to just about any kind of music. We are complete professionals and perform barefoot or with heels, it all depends on what type of event you are having!

Need a pole star for your next music video or movie? We can have an amazing dancer ready to perform in the background or have a choreographed piece set to exciting music with gravity defying pole tricks, drops, splits & spins. Our dancers are strong and graceful and always look great!

We also offer private lessons for women and bachelorette parties for the funnest workout ever!

Triana Poles

Pole Star Parties is operated by Triana Poles, an accomplished artist who hand picks other amazing pole dancers for events. She makes sure that everything goes smoothly and always goes above & beyond to provide exceptional service to our clients.

Triana performs, teaches and competes on the pole. She trains 5 days a week on the pole and 2 days a week in yoga, pilates and contortion in order to keep up with the intensity required of aerial dance. Every minute of it is heaven!

Besides being a pole dancer, she is also a web and graphic designer, a classically trained musician on a few different instruments, and a professional cellist. She has years of experience in performing at events big and small and always loves to see the smile of a happy guest!