Festival Season is here!

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Hire an aerialist for your next event! I am in love with all the awesome festival costumes out there.. especially handmade outfits from Etsy.. 🙂 Los Angeles Best Pole Dancers, Aerial Artists, Event Performers and Pole Dancing Lessons!

February Favorites

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What a trying time to be alive in America. Here is some stuff I like that might help to distract or empower you.. 🙂 The Jungalow!! How I love The Jungalow. One day I will live in a bungalow in a jungle covered Topanga-ish canyon!! And when I get there I will look to this […]

How to Find Good Music

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I get asked this question a lot: “How do you find good music?” Or, “Where do you get music?” At first, I was amazed at this question. How and where? There are so many places to get good music! There is so much good music in the world! How could I even begin to compile […]

Pole Rental Los Angeles

We Rent Poles!

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Pole Star Parties is now renting pole! Check out the new page. We offer competition quality poles from the world’s premier provider, X-Pole. The X-Stage is a stand alone pole that does not need to be attached to the ceiling, so it can be placed anywhere indoors or out that has a flat surface. It […]

Music for Chilling

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I have a habit of listening to really intense music but here is a song I really like that helps me to chill out and relax and not be so aggro!! Helado Negro (Black Ice in Espanol) is a wonderful musician of Eduadorian (? is that a word?) origins from South Florida.. So listening to […]

Art for August

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Hooray for summer! When I dance, I’m inspired by a lot of different types of art. I’m always bookmarking pages of cool stuff that I come across.. Here is some awesome art to check out! 🙂   John Newsom.. OMG I am in love..   Beth Moon’s photography.. dreamy and delirious trees!!   Ravi Zupa.. […]

StyleLikeU! Fave Videos for Fashion

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I love StyleLikeU, a Youtube channel that “empowers people to accept and express their true selves”, or, from my perspective, showcases people with really bad ass, unique fashion sensibilities and allows them to tell their story about how they came to look the way they do. Most of their videos are of artists, models, mover […]