February Favorites

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What a trying time to be alive in America. Here is some stuff I like that might help to distract or empower you.. 🙂 The Jungalow!! How I love The Jungalow. One day I will live in a bungalow in a jungle covered Topanga-ish canyon!! And when I get there I will look to this […]

Music for Chilling

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I have a habit of listening to really intense music but here is a song I really like that helps me to chill out and relax and not be so aggro!! Helado Negro (Black Ice in Espanol) is a wonderful musician of Eduadorian (? is that a word?) origins from South Florida.. So listening to […]

Art for August

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Hooray for summer! When I dance, I’m inspired by a lot of different types of art. I’m always bookmarking pages of cool stuff that I come across.. Here is some awesome art to check out! 🙂   John Newsom.. OMG I am in love..   Beth Moon’s photography.. dreamy and delirious trees!!   Ravi Zupa.. […]