Music for Chilling

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I have a habit of listening to really intense music but here is a song I really like that helps me to chill out and relax and not be so aggro!! Helado Negro (Black Ice in Espanol) is a wonderful musician of Eduadorian (? is that a word?) origins from South Florida.. So listening to […]

Great Mix for Pole Stretching and Yoga!

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I usually like to dance to upbeat music when doing pole, but for warm ups and stretching it’s nice to have some thing more calming. I found this great mix from Goldcap who performed it live at Burning Man. Whether you’re doing conditioning or just want some background music to chill out to, this is […]

Dancing to Deftones

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I’m pretty picky about my rock music but I love anything by Deftones and apparently YouTube does too! I have two Deftones pole dancing videos up plus one by Puscifer, which has a similar fan base. My two Deftones videos for “Change (In The House Of Flies)”, “My Own Summer”, plus Puscifer’s “Rev 22:20” has […]