Music for Chilling

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I have a habit of listening to really intense music but here is a song I really like that helps me to chill out and relax and not be so aggro!! Helado Negro (Black Ice in Espanol) is a wonderful musician of Eduadorian (? is that a word?) origins from South Florida.. So listening to […]

StyleLikeU! Fave Videos for Fashion

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I love StyleLikeU, a Youtube channel that “empowers people to accept and express their true selves”, or, from my perspective, showcases people with really bad ass, unique fashion sensibilities and allows them to tell their story about how they came to look the way they do. Most of their videos are of artists, models, mover […]

Dancing to Deftones

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I’m pretty picky about my rock music but I love anything by Deftones and apparently YouTube does too! I have two Deftones pole dancing videos up plus one by Puscifer, which has a similar fan base. My two Deftones videos for “Change (In The House Of Flies)”, “My Own Summer”, plus Puscifer’s “Rev 22:20” has […]

Triana Poles: Los Angeles Pole Dancer, Aerial Artist

New Pole Reel!

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My pole reel is finished! This has been a couple years in the making. The first half as well as most of the performance footage was shot by the wonderful Sensory Alchemy who offers incredible photography and videography services. The studio part of the video was shot at Pink Pole Party, Los Angeles’ largest pole […]